Jul 30, 1. Jul 30, Tulsa OK. The label says Joseph Jan Dvorak; handcrafted by Luby and Chebu Can anyone direct me to or provide some information on this bass?

It is huge and in mint condition. It was purchased in Germany about 5 years ago. ThanksTulsa Tom. Jul 30, 2. Nov 4, Chicago. Tom, Luby and Cebu are places, not people.

From what I know, Jan Dvorak is a trade name used by Knilling for its "master" grade of string instruments and bows. It looks like they also market basses by E. Wilfer of Germany. My guess is that your bass was made by Strunal in the Czech Republic. Strunal makes basses in several grades.

I'd verify that information. Jul 30, 3. Thanks for the input. The length -bottom to top of scroll is Nut to bridge is It is advertised as a Orchestra Full size base. The action is high, and volume is incredible. Jul 31, 4. Jul 14, Australia.

I have two German basses.

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One approx c, the other is around 40 years old. My old bass is 74" in length, and has a My newer bass is 75" in length with a Full size basses are huge. Jul 31, 5.Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account?

Looking for Czech Bass information

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strunal dvorak violin

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Closed now. Famous Czech compose Czech luthiers string instrument makers, or "lute makers" from the original French have always been known as expert craftsmen, with a tradition dating to the 16th century. Inthe Luby School of Violin Making was established. Strunal uses that traditional artisanship that has been passed down through families, combines it with state of the art technology design and is now the largest string instrument manufacturing facility in Europe. They are a favorite of concert violinists, and especially students and teachers.

Today, Strunal violins, guitars and other instruments are used around the world. Harold Moore, a longtime violin teacher, says: "Strunal violins deliver old-world know-how and attention to detail for amazing affordable prices.

The company also offers bows and accessories, such as pegs, fingerboards, chinrests, bridges. Each category of instrument comes in a variety of models. Violins are available in 12 concert models and 7 student models. Models vary by size, type of wood used varyingly described on the Strunal website as "seasoned," "graduated for tone" and "flamed" and the wood finish, or varnish.

Strunal manufactures an amazing number of instruments. Each year, the company makes approximately 3, violins, 17, guitars and 5, other instruments. The majority of these, 95 percent, are exported to more than 50 countries. The tradition of luthiers means there are workers in their factory whose families have been making string instruments for centuries.

And the location in the Czech mountains allows them to take advantage of seasoned and fine-grade woods, which they can choose for their resonance qualities.

The availability of these woods also allows Strunal to keep its prices reasonable. As Harold Moore sums up the location, "The fresh mountain air and beautiful surroundings seemed to impart a refreshing sense of calm purpose in the fine craftsmen I saw working there. There was no feeling of urgency in the factory--each craftsperson took the time to do the job right. We believe that through traditional craftsmanship, modern technology and historic location, Strunal is able to guarantee its customers "that the instruments from Strunal will have the superb acoustic features associated with traditional European design and quality.Made in the Czech republic of high quality spruce topmaple back, ribs, and scrolland ebony fingerboard, and pegs.

This Czech Violin was bought in the year of Due to my finger injury, I can no longer play this violin again. Very good condition with a very minor scratch on the neck and one very tiny blemished on edge. NO crack in it. Comes with a square case and a bow in good condition. Violin is sold as is. Please see the photos carefully.

Can You Hear the Difference Between a Cheap and Expensive Violin?

Photos are part of the description. Welcome to ask for more details. No return, only for serious buyer. About the maker. A native of Western Bohemia, Josef Dvorak lived from at Kralovske Porici u Sokolova, where he also completed his compulsory school education.

As a schoolboy he attended optional hobby classes and there fell in love with wood. It was only natural for him to apply, infor an apprentice post at Cremona. In Dvorak completed his apprenticeship with very good marks in both theoretical and practical subjects thanks to the experienced master violin-maker Miroslav Pikart who helped him to develop his talent.

After completing the apprentice school, Cremona's management appointed him, in view of his overall good marks, particularly in the specialized subjects, to the master violins shop, where he gained new experience under his older fellow workers, the present master violin-makers Emil Lupac and Karel Zadrazil. From toDvorak attended the three-year postgraduate master school under the master violin-maker Emil Lupac, which furnished a solid background for his ingenuity and skill as the maker of master instruments.

Since then he has built several instruments which are now played by students of the Conservatory. Dvorak makes his instruments to the Stradivari and Guarneri models.

Welcome to ask for more photos. Showing Slide 1 of 1 - Carousel. Showing Slide 1 of 2 - Carousel. New Arrival!Order by:. Available to:. Lidl violin. Has Bow. Check out my! Froo www. Fine Antique Violin labeled A. Robert Dolling Markneukirchen.

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Master Violin! Antique varnish ,A Strad Model Copy! Powerfull, loud.

strunal dvorak violin

Case is old and not in to good of a shape. Bow is used, but can be played. Violin is aprox 60 years old and has a lable in it that reads Czcchoslovakia. Thanks for checking out my Violin. Oil antique varnish! M Nice Tone! Oil anti! Italy red! IProfessional tone.Order by:. Available to:. Violin only. My daughter's violin. Used for less than one year Comes with hard case.

Bow, olivewood chin rest.

strunal dvorak violin

Bow in perfect shape. Inlaid mother of pearl. New strings! Bow, Covering cloth. Smoke free. Pet-free home. Check out my other items! Feel free to send us a message. All messages will be answered promptly. Items are normally shipped Hours After Payment is Received. Model Tailpiece and pegs Includes wood bow and hard shell.

Durable case scratches on case Tech serviced. Chin rest and fingerboard Fine tuners Includes durable hard shell case small repair done on top. This is in nice condition and would be a great beginning violin or practice instrument. There is a small Garfield sticker on the neck see pic that can likely be fairly easily removed. We leave that to the buyer. T he strings are in nice condition as well. The case itself is a nice item being a hard shell with catches that work easily.

The instrument is in great cosmetic condition as is the bow.

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There is little evidence of use on either. In fact.

Used Josef jan dvorak handcrafted violin 3/4 strunal Excellent C

There are only light marks on the case. I The photos show the exact items you will receive. International bidders and buyers please note: You may be required to pay Customs Duties. All such Fees and taxes are the responsibilty of the Buyer. NOT the Seller.Guadagnini, Balestrieri, Carcassi, Gagliano and modern Italian makers available here regularly.

Please inquire if you have a specific request for an old master instrument. NOTE: Some of our finest instruments are not listed on this site. Please inquire about specific requests.

Trade-ins are also welcome. We usually give two-thirds or sometimes more of the original price back on trade-in instruments and bows purchased here if they are in the same condition as when we sold them, barring normal usage. If you have an instrument or bow that was not originally sold to you by us, we will also be happy to consider it for trade-in. All prices are in Canadian Dollars unless otherwise noted.

Photos available on request. E-mail us Rare Violins - Italian, French, German, English and Dutch We usually have other old and new rare famous violins, not listed on the website here. Very fine professional violin with the tone that professional players want.

Very fine condition. Original label. Includes our certificate.

Dvorak Violin - 4/4

Transparent red-brown. Excellent condition.

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Fantastic sound. Presently available. Bellarosa was one of the finest makers in Naples, Italy. His instruments follow the Ferdinand and Joseph Gagliano models, and especially their tone, more precisely than the other makers in Naples. He made this violin about Fine Italian maker. Enticing, clean sound. The condition is very goods. Fine professional Italian violin. Big bright sound. Signed on original label,and branded internally UL.

Includes the maker's certificate. Born Pupil of Sesto Rocchi in S. He is skillful in producing fine-sounding instruments and won a bronze medal in the competition in Bagnacavallo.We know all about Kings and Kays Dec 2, 1. Apr 17, London, UK. There's very little info around about the history of European student ply basses, even though there are loads of them around still keeping budget bassists happy decades later.

And while legend and value grows around Kays and Kings over the pond, giving them their very own iconic status, what of the mighty fine Czech and German made plys that presumably kept British 2WW forces going, provided the thump in all those dance bands up and down the country, and are still keeping people like me playing today?

They did, 40 years apart. I've been in touch with someone at Strunal who's been exporting instruments sinceshe had a lot of answers. The factory at Luby, once called Cremona, now Strunal standing for "Stringed Instruments from Luby" has been supplying Europe and the US with decent student basses since at least the s.

Dec 2, 2. Jan 13, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Maybe the ones you get where you live. They weigh 5 to 10 pounds more than most student basses except the Gliga Genial line, which come fairly close - though they're carved, making the weight that much harder to understand. I finally managed to get a halfway-decent tone out of a Cremona bass last year by using a lot of time in tweaking the setup, and enhancing that yet further with a 'Chuck Traeger' style maple soundpost.

I've since had modest but useful success on several other laminated basses using this hourglass-shaped soundpost, so will keep trying it whenever overly quiet laminated instruments wander into the shop.

But seriously. I've come to refer to the Cremona as 'great for knocking down doors' as I've never yet seen substantial damage to one of these monsters. And the most painful aspect of these boulders is that it's often teenaged girls stuck playing them, bassists about 3 times the weight of their basses. That's not a very friendly ratio, when it comes to packing a bass around. Dec 3, 3.

Mar 4, Larisa, Greece.

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Dear Gerard, the Cremona basses you are talking about are the Czech made basses or the horrendous Chinese crap? Dec 3, 4. I suppose they could have been Chinese-made, but then the labels would have been false, as all of the Cremona basses I've seen have carried a small label inside saying 'made in Czechoslovakia' as memory serves - it's been a while since last looking at one Wouldn't be the first time Chinese products carried misinformation on the label.